Temperature Calibration Products

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Model 20

COOL and HEAT Sources in one instrument, with the Universal Jaw™

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Model 34

Houses both the Source and Measure in one package.

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Technical Specifications

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Communications Options

Standard Features...

Universal Jaw Heater Assembly

Figure 1 Simplified cutaway view of Universal Jaw Heater Assembly

Jaw cutawayUniversal Jaw Close

Illustrated is an industrial temperature probe with a ferrule. This probe cannot be tested in a conventional drilled hole because the ferrule prevents good contact between the probe and the metal block. Heat Q1 flows down the stem of the probe, causing the probe output to read less than the calibration temperature as sensed by the internal reference RTD. This effect is referred to as stem loss. The Universal Jaw™ clamps around the probe with actively heated jaws and injects the amount of heat Q2 needed to neutralize the stem loss. For the COOL Source, the Universal Jaw works similarly, except the directions of Q1 and Q2 are reversed. Request Technical Paper TH12 for a more detailed explanation of the Universal Jaw (patent pending).


Operator Controls

The operator controls are the
up/down pushbuttons for the Setpoint,
and ON/OFF for the COOL/HEAT
Sources. The calibration controls (A, F)
are recessed and digitally locked out.
The readout units may be set to �C or �F
with 0,1� resolution up to 537.0 �C
(999.9 �F). A Ramp mode may be
accessed to test temperature transmitter
trip points.
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Case.gif (21166 bytes) The removable top protects
the Models 20 and 34 from
dust when not in use and
houses the power cord and
manual. Mounting feet
are provided for use in the
vertical or horizontal mode.

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