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April 2014


Temperature probes such as the Sanitary Probe are difficult to test in a standard block temperature calibrator. These probes are typically used in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. They come in numerous designs but have three features which cause the probe testing problem:

  • large flange
  • a double tiered sheath/tip as illustrated
  • the sheath and tip length which is less than 4 inches (102 mm) (even if there is a single diameter)

When used with a standard block calibrator, the large flange causes a significant stem loss problem and prevents the probe from being fully inserted into the heat or cool block. Similarly, the double tier sheath/tip cannot be effectively used in a single diameter drilled hole.

The solution to testing this type of probe is 1) to move the heating block forward such that the flange makes direct contact with the heat block, and 2) drill the block with two tiers as required, and 3) place the internal reference probe forward to coincide with the sensing area.

We are designating the Model as SP (Sanitary Probe). To order you must 1) preferably send the probes to ThermaCal for dimensioning and actual testing, or 2) specify the probe manufacturer and model number, or 3) provide a detailed sketch.


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